Morrow-Grant County Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park


wood, maps, wash rack, etc. require
cash, check or money order


ON DEMAND REQUESTS for Hands Evaluations/Traning

must be paid by check, money order or cashiers check

TRAIL - UPDATES - 08/17/2017

Smoke in area from fire near Tupper Work Station and other regional fires. The trails and campground are open.

Trails are open to Class I (quad), Class III (motorcycle), and Class IV (side x side) vehicles. Closed to Class II (jeep) vehicles. Vehicle Class information can be here ORS 801.190 - 801.194. Trails are dry and dusty, weather can change rapidly prepare for all conditions. Check with camp host upon arrival for any possible changes.

WEATHER - information from
Weather patterns forecasts are looking to be dry and sunny throught the weekend and changing next week.
Thursday, Aug 17 -  Highs in the 80's with low's overnight in 0's;
Winds 0-15 MPH; mostly clear during night
Friday, Aug 18-   Highs in the 80's during the day, and Lows in the 50's at night; Winds 0-20 MPH; Mostly clear
Saturday, Aug 19 - Highs upper 70's with overnight temptatures in the 50's, Winds 0-10 MPH; Mostly sunny during day; mostly clear during night
Sunday, Aug 20 - Highs  mid 70's with overnight temptatures in the 50's, Winds 0-10 MPH; Mostly sunny during day; Mostly clear during night
Monday, Aug 21Highs in 80's overnight tempatures in the upper 50's; Winds 0-10 MPH; Mostly sunny during the day; Mostly clear at night
Tuesday, Aug 22Highs in 80's overnight tempatures in the upper 50's; Winds 0-10 MPH; Mostly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms during day and night; Chance of precipitation 20%

If riding prepare for ALL conditions as weather can and does change rapidly!

The 21 road to the Day Use area located on the 2128 Road is open, and checked park crews in the area.

If traveling from the Morrow/Grant OHV Park to USFS Lands adjacent to the park please check with the Umatilla National Forest Service: Heppner Ranger District as riding regulations may differ.

Enjoy the trails and if you see a fire on the property other than in the campground please note the location and report to park personnel.



    • Examples: Open fires, camp/cooking fires, charcoal fires/cooking, warming fires
  • Smoking is prohibited while traveing, except in vehicles on improved roads
  • Use of fireworks and blasting prohibited

IF YOU ARE SEEKING OHV PARK INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT THE LEXINGTON OFFICE AT 541-989-8214. Park office are available to assist with reservations from Monday - Thursday. Hosts are available at park to talk to in person as there are NO land line phones available at park.


Open 10am-8pm Wed. - Friday, Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 8am-5pm
Hours Subject to change - contact The Landing prior to arrival to verify

Barb, John Harris and crew will be returning to operate the dinning facility at the OHV Park. If you are traveling through the area stop in and have a snack or a meal. For specials visit their Facebook page to see some of the great items that are offered at The Landing Lodge. To make reservations for dining please contact The Landing at 541-969-3822

The Landing does not have an ATM for cash.



The mud pit scheduled to be open for opening weekend. Please be courtious and cautious when using this area, as there are those that enjoy watching and taking pictures from the sidelines. Pit will be open from 8:00am until sunset, unless posted otherwise.


We at Morrow County Parks strive to give our guest a wounderful stay. We try to be conservative and spend our funds wisely at all times. We try to keep our cost as low as possible and for example our showers at the OHV Park are free, donations for use are at users own discretion.

Interested in being a volunteer or a camp host for a season. There are a variety of things at all of the parks one can help with. If interested please contact one of the park personnel.

OHV Park

Morrow-Grant County OHV Park is part of the Morrow County Parks system. That is approximately 9,000 acres with 2,000 acres belong to Grant County. This encompasses a portion of the recreational trail system which Morrow County manages with a Memorandum of Understanding between the two counties. Morrow County owns and manages the remaining trail system as well as the campground.

This park is would not have been possible without the public support from Morrow and Grant County,  funding assistance from Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) and thousands of generously donated voluneer hours.  THANK YOU!

With the development of the park partner and relation-ships have been created with local businesses, volunteers, park guests and organizations such as; Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB), United States National Forest Service (USFS). It is our hopes that we can continue to forge forward with these groups and continue to provide a place that everyone can enjoy now and in the future.

Things to do and see

This park offers camping with a variety of amenities.  Trails for All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), hiking, and biking vary in difficulty levels from easy/beginner to difficult/expert. Horseshoe pits, golf driving range, playground and fishing ponds provide additional recreation while in the area.Wildlife from large and small game to a vast variety of birds native to the area are in abundance throughout the area. The Rolling Hills Hunting Preserve offers a large variety of bird hunting packages and is locally owned and operated. The John Day River (26 miles) and Bull Prairie Reservoir (12 miles) both offer additional angling as well as rafting, floating, and boating opportunities.


OHV Park Bulletins

2017 - Solar Eclipse

AUGUST 21, 2017

Park Reservations: If it appears that all the campsites have been reserved on-line. There will be areas at each park for tent camping that will be on a first come first serve basis. You will need to check in with camp host upon arrival to park for details. For more informationn contact park reservations Mon - Thurs 9am-1:30pm at 541-989-8214
OHV Park: has an a open lot area (overflow/staging area - 50 sites available) that if you contact park reservations Mon - Thurs 9am-1:30pm at 541-989-8214 can be reserved for individual campsites.

Time is fast approaching when a solar eclipse will be taking place and moving over 14 US states from coast to coast. This event marks 99 years since a total eclipse has made its way across the country from the Pacific to Atlantic. The path will arch across the United States from Oregon to the southeastern coast of South Carolina.

A total eclipse occurs as the moon passes in front of the sun. For approximately two and half hours (start to finish) on the morning of the eclipse daytime will gradually give way to dusk and then darkness and back to light again. During any one eclipse, totality occurs in a narrow foot print on the Earth's surface. The southern portion of Morrow County where the Morrow/Grant County OHV Park lies is within this path.

Many visitors will be traveling in and through the area in the days before and after the eclipse. Local officials urge county residents to be prepared. If you are planning to travel, EXPECT DELAYS. Make sure you have a full tank of gas and basic supplies in the vehicle such as food and water in case you become stuck in traffic. You may experience longer lines, crowds and lengthier wait times at businesses you frequent. Plan to do your traveling and shopping several days PRIOR to the eclipse so you are stocked up. By shopping early for your essential items food, medications, water and fuel, you will be ready and the local stores can restock for visitors.

For more information about the surrounding areas and events check out these additional sites:
     Morrow County
     Heppner Chamber of Commerce
     Eastern Oregon Visitor's Association
     Viewing Eclipse Live

Campfire Restrictions


THIS MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME please check with camphost at check-in to see if situation has changed as the web site may be out of date.

CAMPFIRES ALLOWED in DESIGNATED AREAS ONLY at Anson Wright Park, Cutsforth Park or OHV Park. NOTE: there are some campsites within these parks that campfires are NOT permitted. CHECK with camphost or reservation department for more infomration on the campsites affected.

With extreame fire conditions at an all time high, and fire crew resources at an all time low make sure that if you do have a fire it is DEAD OUT if not being attended. This includes night when you turn in for the day. If camp fires are left unattended you may be warned or even fined for leaving an unattended fire.

Morrow County Parks campfires are based off of the permits issued by the Oregon Department of Forestry and permission may change at any time dependant of weather and fire hazard conditions. Upon check-in with the camp host ask to see if still permitted.


Trail Map - Free

Looking for marked trail maps?

Maps can be purchased at the OHV Park from the camp host or by contacting the main officein Lexington at 541-989-8214.

Below is a link to the FREE Trail Map for the OHV Park. Please note this map does not include trail numbers or difficulty levels of the trails.

OHV_FREE_TRAIL_MAP_2012.pdf3.98 MB

Attention ATV Riders!

Photo: ATV ClassMorrow County has a ATV training and evaluation facility on site.

For training/evaluation information visit:

We currently have certified instructors available!

  • Improve Riding Skills
  • Build Confidence
  • Get Kids Started Right
  • Put you in touch with fellow ATV enthusiasts and ATV clubs near you.
  • Provide resources for Lifelong Learning and Safety Renewal
  • Learn how to Tread Lightly!

OHV Park Guestbook

We're glad you are here. We hope that you found our website and parks to be user-friendly and useful, and we love to hear feedback from our users on what you liked and what you’d like to see more of in the future. (Please stay tuned while we update the ability to sign our guestbook.)

We hope to see you real soon at one of our parks.

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What a great facility. Myself and Rand and Jan barker recently volunteered there in late May. We...

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Wish there was a map online of the OHV park boundary and trail details.

Oct. 27, 2014 from Burke O'Brien

We at Morrow County Parks strive to give our guest a wounderful stay. We try to be conservative...

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Morrow County OHV is unbelievable! I have been ridding here for about 10 years and it keeps...

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Just checking. Hope to be out there this summer.

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LOVE THE OHV PARK!!! Me my wife, daughter and son-in-law started coming to the OHV Park 5 years...


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