Wilson Prairie Fire Updates

Downloadable Documents:

07.26.2018 - UPDATE (PDF)
07.26.2018 - Campground Map (PDF) - May change due to crews departing area
07.26.2018 - Trail Closure Map (PDF)

OHV Fire Update and Closure Notifications

08/01/2018 - Oregon Department of Forestry - https://odfcentraloregon.blogspot.com

News Release:  Area and Road Closures Reduced on the Wilson Prairie Fire

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018
Contact: Christie Shaw, Oregon Department of Forestry at 541-263-0661
or Darcy Weseman, Umatilla National Forest at 541-278-3722

[Morrow County, Ore.] Umatilla National Forest officials have re-opened Bull Prairie Lake Campground and reduced the closure area associated with the Wilson Prairie Fire to provide access to National Forest lands not impacted by the wildfire or wildfire suppression efforts. A description of the updated closure area is at the bottom of the news release.

“We know Bull Prairie Lake Campground is an important area for our communities and visitors,” said Brandon Houck, Heppner District Ranger. “Suppression efforts have held the fire within its current footprint and we feel we can thoughtfully make some adjustments to the closures while keeping firefighters and the public safe.”

The Wilson Prairie Fire is currently 405 acres and 75% contained. A local Type 4 organization took command of the fire today at 6 a.m. Firefighters are continuing mop up within the fire perimeter and completing suppression repair activities, including water barring (an angled trench, to direct water off the fireline to prevent erosion), removal of hose, and removal of trash from the fire line.  Firefighters also continue to make repairs to OHV trails impacted by fire line.

The Morrow County Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park, restaurant, and campground remains open, however some OHV trails may be impacted by the fire activity.  Please observe all trail and area closures.

The weather forecast for the region is a continued hot and dry trend with poor humidity recovery.  Any spark landing in light fuels (grass) has a 100% potential to start a fire so please follow restrictions to limit potential human wildfire ignitions. Please follow restrictions to limit potential human wildfire ignitions.

Regulated Closure is in effect for ODF's Central Oregon District. Specific restirctions, intended to reduce human caused fires, can be found at:


Phase B of the PUblic Use Restrictions (PURS) for the Umatilla National Forest is in effect. For more information regarding these and other restrictions on the Umatilla National Forest visit: www.bmidc.org.

A map and detailed description of the reduced area closure is available at all Umatilla National Forest offices as well as on the Umatilla National Forest website: www.fs.usda.gov/umatilla/.  

Area Closure Description:

Starting at Forest Service Road (FSR) 2000350 at its junction with the Forest Trail 2000320 east to its junction with FSR 2039000, then east on FSR 2039000 to Forest Boundary at T7S, R26 Section 6, then following the Forest Boundary north then west to Forest Trail 2000320, then follow Forest Trail 2000320 south to FSR Road 2000350.

Additionally, the following roads are closed:

•••National Forest Trail (NFT) 2000320 - From the Junction of National Forest System  Road 2003500, north to National Forest Boundary  – 0.6 miles

7/26/2018 Update

A Type 2 team has setup at the OHV park to continue fighting a fire that is working South away from the OHV park. There is a lot of firefighters staged on the North side of the main compound area with support staff. All roads in the main area are open for park guests and we ask to travel at slow speeds through these areas and stay out of these areas as we are working closely with Fire staff to keep them out of all other camping areas and amenities. The fire crew has their own catering services and the OHV restaurant is open for park guests.

The trail system has limited closures South of 1E to the Grant County boundary on the South. Please check with the park host for the most up to date closures and restrictions in areas near the fire area.

Information Websites:
ODF Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ODFCentralOregon/    

Public Safety

Stay clear of active fire/emergency areas. We understand want to see what is happening and where, but please understand traveling or even parking on travel access areas where equipment is moving in and out of areas cause more hazards that crews must navigate. Weather and winds can also be cause for unpredictibility, causing fires to change directions and move fast. Having extra travlers in area observing, looking, filming or taking pictures only adds additional hazards to an already dangerous situation. PLEASE stay clear of area until crews have cleared the area and situation is contained or over.

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