Park Rules

  1. PAYMENT IN FULL due at time of reservation
  3. NO discharge of firearms in campsites
  4. DO NOT ‘cut cookies’, ‘Slide Corners’, ‘Peel-out’ or otherwise cause the gravel to be rutted unnecessarily.
  5. “Quiet Time” is from 10pm to 6am. While there is not a “lights-out” requirement in the park, you must respect the rights of other campers who are trying to rest. Please keep noise to a minimum during these hours. This includes but is not limited to generators.
  6. Turn the water off when not in use
  7. Morrow County Sheriff’s Office has a “Zero Tolerance” policy on all alcohol and drug offenses
  8. Due to sites being within city limits - campfires are not permitted
  9. Dispose of garbage in garbage cans located near campsite area

Violations of the Parks Rules or any other Local/State/Federal ordinances or laws may result in a fine and/or arrest. Multiple violations, and/or failure to follow rules may result in expulsion from the park, any fees paid and the revocation of your right to return. If you return after being ordered off of Park property, you will be arrested for Criminal Trespass.

These rules are in place to make the experience of visiting the Parks pleasant for everyone.

Comments or Questions?

Call MCPW 541-989-9500, E-mail: