Trail Information

Avenza - MGCOHV Trail Map HERE

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Trail Information: as of 03.23.2020

Portion of trails are open to Class I (quad), Class II (Jeep), Class III (motorcycle), and Class IV (side x side) vehicles. Vehicle Class information can be here: ORS 801.190 - 801.194. Main Campground staging area is closed, will need to use stageing area on 2139 Road.

Snow, Mud, Ice on trails system. Snow dept varies from bare various depths of snow drifts.

NO SMOKING ON TRAIL SYSTEM.  Be mindful and stay on trails.

When traveling short or long distances make sure to prepare for all types of weather and let someone know where you area going and  your estimated time to return or arrival prior to departure.

If traveling from the Morrow/Grant OHV Park to USFS lands adjacent to the park please check with the Umatilla National Forest Service: Heppner Ranger District as riding regulations may differ.

Enjoy the trails and if you see a fire on the property other than in the campground please note the location and report to park personnel as soon as possible.