Welcome to Morrow County Parks

We would like to welcome you to Morrow County Parks, home of Anson Wright Park, Cutsforth Park, and the Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park.

The parks are located in the majestic Blue Mountains of Oregon. Each of our parks offer a unique experience for our guests, as each one has something a little different for our guests to enjoy. Our parks offer camping areas (tents & RV's), day use picnic areas, hiking/mountain bike (bicycle) trails, fishing, seasonal snowmobiling, trails for OHV's at the OHV park, and a variety of wildlife for all to enjoy.



We at Morrow County Parks strive to give our guest a wounderful stay. We try to be conservative and spend our funds wisely at all times. We try to keep our cost as low as possible and for exapmle our showers at the OHV Park are free, donations for use are at users own discretion.

Recently somone chose to steal a generator that Morrow County Parks purchased. This generator was purchased so for one of the cabins so the users could have the benefit of electricity.

This incident happened between October 13, 2014 and October 24, 2014 at the Morrow/Grant County OHV Park. If anyone has any knowledge of this event; would you be good enough to contact the Morrow County Sheriff Department in Heppner, Oregon at 541-676-5317. If you are the person or persons responsible and wish to return the generator we will gladly take it back.

Morrow County Parks | Morrow County Public Works Department | 365 W. Hwy 74 | PO Box 428 | Lexington, Oregon 97839

Direct Line:  541-989-8214 | Phone: 541-989-9500 | Email: mcparks@co.morrow.or.us

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